The Workshops program at New York Audio Academy is an extensive series of additional classes, available to you at no extra charge. Certification programs will be offered in Pro-Tools™ Reason™, the SSL Console, and Melodyne™. Let our instructors teach you to become proficient with the “industry standard” tools of the trade!

These Workshops will enable you to meet in a small group environment with an instructor, to focus on one specific area of technical knowledge.

The current Workshops schedule includes sessions covering topics such as Pro-Tools™, Reason™, Antares Auto-Tune™, Melodyne™ and the SSL™ Console. Most of the Workshops will meet once a week, and will be scheduled in such a way that will allow you to attend as many of them as you wish. Additionally, you will be allowed to attend these ongoing workshops for a period of three months, even after your core curriculum classes are over. We want to help you to be able to achieve operator certificates in as many areas as you choose to pursue.
The Workshops program at New York Audio Academy is one of the strengths of the program here at NYAA, and is one of the flexible powerful tools that will allow you access to a complete and thorough audio education that is focused specifically on your goals.

Specialized Areas of Study

Introduction to Basic Recording Techniques

Signal Flow and Transducers

Introduction to Pro Tools™

Introduction to Reason™ and MIDI

Working with the DAW

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