Submissions Program

Submissions Program

The Guest Speakers this quarter at the New York Audio Academy have discovered and developed some of the most influential artists and songwriters of the last ten years. They are actively involved in finding and developing artists and song material every day.

The Submissions Program at New York Audio Academy allows students to get their material in front of current industry trend makers. Each student at New York Audio Academy will have the opportunity to submit a track to be included in the Submissions Program CD if they choose to do so.


In addition to giving New York Audio Academy students the opportunity to have these industry trend setters listen to their material, the guest speakers who are participating each quarter will also vote for and choose one track that will be elected the winning selection for that quarter. The student who submitted the winning track will be awarded two full days in the recording studio in our host facility, Engine Room Audio.

Obviously, as a student of New York Audio Academy, you are not required to submit any material! It’s just a great option for those students who may be interested in getting feedback and one-on-one interaction from our list of instructors and Guest Speakers.

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Introduction to Basic Recording Techniques

Signal Flow and Transducers

Introduction to Pro Tools™

Introduction to Reason™ and MIDI

Working with the DAW

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