How Do I Get My Audio Interface To Work?

We can show you how to actually start using that Audio Software or Interface you bought! A one day intensive on the basics of how Digital Audio Workstation software actually works on your laptop, the basics of using an Audio Interface, and some help setting up sessions in your application, on your laptop. We want to help you get going with your audio software! In this course we can work with you no matter what pre-existing software you already own – Pro Tools, Logic, FL Studio, Reaper, Reason, or Ableton.

Introduction to the Art of Being a DJ

Our instructors will introduce you to necessary techniques, and draw on their vast collective experience to give you insight into the mindset, workflow, and art of DJ’ing. You will learn about skills such as beat-matching, mixing, EQ’ing, and the use of FX’s. If you’ve ever wanted to learn what the art of being a DJ is about, this is the introductory course for you!

Introduction to Ableton Live

If you ever wondered how DJ’s and Producers use this amazingly powerful software, this is the bootcamp for you. We can help you get started, or help get you to the next level! Our experienced instructors have a thorough knowledge of the Ableton interface and can help you to get started as a live event DJ or help you create your next hit single!