Internship Program

Internship Program

The Internship Program here at NYAA is an optional program that allows you the opportunity to spend time working in a functioning professional recording studio environment.

Students who are enrolled in the Music Industry Intensive course will be able to sign up for intern opportunities on a preferred basis in our host studio, Engine Room Audio.

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For those Music Industry Intensive students who are interested in hands on studio experience, a studio internship provides a valuable real world educational experience. Students apply practical skills and techniques in the field and develop an understanding of day-to-day facility operations and protocol through hands-on, in-studio experience.

When you complete your application for the Music Industry Intensive course, contact the admissions department if you have an interest in pursuing an internship.

Many students schedule their internship program to occur during the same time frame as the course itself, and there are other students who choose to commence their internship after the completion of the Music Industry Intensive course.

In addition to the internship options available at our host studio Engine Room Audio, there are also internship options available in other areas of the music business. If you are interested in an internship in Management, Public Relations, A&R or any other area of the industry, our staff can help you to find internships. Just speak to one of our staff members, and we will help tailor an internship that fits in with your specific goals.

Specialized Areas of Study

Introduction to Basic Recording Techniques

Signal Flow and Transducers

Introduction to Pro Tools™

Introduction to Reason™ and MIDI

Working with the DAW

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