Audio Engineering

No matter your DAW, our professionals have the comprehensive knowledge to make you an expert. After all, it’s not always about the tool, it’s about the work you’re willing to put in. Pro Tools, Reason, FL Studio, Garage Band, Audacity … doesn’t matter. You supply an open ear, we’ll teach you how to make what you’re hearing in your head an audible reality on any program you want to use. Enroll today.

NYAA Audio Engineering Program Curriculum

1. Sound And Hearing
2. Studio Design and Monitors
3. Basics of Digital Audio
4. Microphones – Design and Application
5. Signal Flow and Patch Bays
6. The Console – Analog and Digital
7. Amplifiers and Pre-Amplifiers
8. Mic Techinque
9. DAW Basics – Logic, Ableton & Pro Tools
10. Audio Processing – Time Based Effects – Reverb, Delay, Echo
11. Frequencies and EQ
12. Dynamics – Compression, Limiting & Expanders
13. Mixing Techniques
14. MIDI & Sequencing
15. Virtual Instruments
16. Automation
17. Surround Sound
18. Working With Artists & Executives
19. Mastering
20. Analog vs Digital