Music Industry Intensive: Spring 2013 Curriculum

  1. Introduction to Basic Recording Techniques
  2. Signal Flow and Transducers
  3. Introduction to Pro Tools™
  4. Introduction to Reason™ and MIDI
  5. Working with the DAW
  6. Music Business – Licensing, Synch
  7. Signal Processing – Reverbs, Delays
  8. Production Techniques – Building the Beat
  9. Dynamic Range and Signal Characteristics
  10. Artists, Producers, Engineers, A&R – Who are these people?
  11. Making Records – The Big Picture, the Process
  12. Production Techniques – Sit in on a session –Vocal Tracking
  13. Music Business – Record Label Perspectives
  14. Production Techniques – Mixing
  15. Songwriting – It’s all in the Song
  16. Music Business, Social Media – Work the System
  17. Management and Public Relations
  18. Mastering and Audio Delivery Formats – The Art and Science
  19. A&R – Today and Tomorrow
  20. Future of the Music Industry

Guest Speakers

Our list of Instructors and Guest Speakers represents some of the biggest heavy hitters in the business.

The Spring 2014 Music Industry Intensive course at The New York Audio Academy will give you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with some of the most successful people in the music industry today.

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Mark B. Christensen

Mark B. Christensen is a highly sought after Mastering Engineer with multiple Grammy nominations and Gold and Platinum awards.  His credits include Trey Songz,...

Troy Taylor

Troy Taylor is a Grammy and ASCAP award-winning writer and a producer who has worked on many platinum-selling records. He is the owner of Songbook...

Sha Money XL

Sha Money XL is currently senior VP of A&R at Def Jam Records.  Formerly, Sha served as the President of G-Unit Records. He is...